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Abendstimmung Himalaya

Our worlds

Set off on a journey of discovery


Explore and research

A beautiful flower attracts with the smell of carrion, some mussels enter into a “marriage” with algae and the Venus flytrap has a taste for insects ...

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Travel and discover

Thick clouds of mist sweep across Borneo and New Guinea, the Himalayas reveal their steep slopes and the Peace Buddha...

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Admire and enjoy

Exotic flowers bring magic to the rainforest, leaves covered in hairs defy the harsh sun in the Himalayas and glorious Vireyas add a splash of colour...

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Meet and make friends

Yuna the gibbon swings deftly through the trees distributing seeds as she goes, a pair of myna birds fly freely through Borneo and the colourful carp...

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Watch and be amazed

Peleides blue morphos shimmer in the air, atlas moths show off their impressive size and the caterpillars of owl butterflies munch their way...

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Visit and experience anew

Sometimes azaleas transform botanika into a colourful sea of flowers. Sometimes rabbits and chicks drop by as guests. Sometimes the melodies of concerts...

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Our worlds