Diversity makes us unique

botanika is a green and diverse experience centre for everyone. It is a popular destination for trips, recognised learning facility and extraordinary event location. Starting with the extensive Bremen collection of rhododendrons, botanika is famous for its Asian landscapes and cultures. The Himalayas, Borneo or Japan – there are exotic experiences on offer here right in the heart of Bremen. With its impressive flora and fauna exhibitions, its interactive Discovery Centre and the aid of state-of-the-art media technology, botanika makes nature easily accessible to everyone. It is a place for everyone who wants to get close to plants and animals in their habitats in a relaxed manner as well as for people who are passionate about nature and the protection of biodiversity.


As an education centre, botanika is in constant exchange with schools, universities and other educational institutions. This allows us to communicate the extensive fields of biology such as botany and ecology interactively and sustainably. At the same time, we utilise our network of contacts at botanical gardens, zoos, science centres, museums and associations to exchange experiences and compare the quality of our educational offerings time and again. Furthermore, we enjoy long-term partnerships in the fields of event planning and tourism. Together, we can design further attractive experiences for our visitors.

Some projects and offerings are only possible thanks to the support of our sponsors, others thanks to a broad and varied network. botanika is affiliated with the following associations and institutions:

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