Besucher macht ein Foto im Himalayabereich der botanika
Besucher macht ein Foto im Himalayabereich der botanika

Press releases

Fête des Fleurs at botanika
Phil Porter invites you to a dance with nature on 22nd April 2023
Spring in bloom with azaleas
Special exhibition from 18th March to 1st May 2023
Hallo Langohr (Hello, bunny!)
Special exhibition with bunnies and chicks from 18th March to 1st May 2023
Chinese New Year 2023
Varied programme of events on 22nd January 2023
Hindu festival of light
botanika celebrates Diwali on 23rd October
botanika goes space
Fantastic weekend on 3rd & 4th September 2022
Titan arum blooms for the first time in Bremen
Largest flower in the world only blooms every few years – June 2022
17 Ziele im Quadrat (17 goals squared)
Special exhibition on Sustainable Development Goals – 26th February to 31st March 2022
COVID-19 vaccinations in botanika
In cooperation with the Bremen vaccination centre – 12th February 2022
New Tropical
Greenhouse Senator for the Environment inaugurates new Tropical Greenhouse – September 2021
botanika goes space 2021
Fantastic weekend – 4th & 5th September 2021
Little Scientists and winners
Awards for paper butterflies on Little Scientists’ Day – June 2021
United for Biodiversity
botanika joins United for Biodiversity coalition – April 2021
New butterfly house under construction
Kick-off event with burial of time capsule on 16th October 2020
Hexenhütte und Zauberwald (Witch’s cottage and magic forest)
Special exhibition from 30th October to 1st November 2020
Coffeehouse music in the Himalayas!
Autumn concert of the Bremer Kaffeehaus-Orchester (BKO) on 13th September 2020
Die lange Reise der Monarchfalter (The voyage of the monarch butterflies)
Special exhibition from 27th June 2020 to 21st February 2021
Free entry for children and young people
February 2020
Chinese New Year at botanika
January 2020
Thangkas – the gateway to the soul of Tibetan Buddhism
September 2019
Kaffeehausmusik, Buddha und Schmetterlinge (Coffeehouse music, Buddha and butterflies) (BKO concert)
July 2019
Special exhibition: Forscher, Sammler, Pflanzenjäger (Researchers, gatherers, plant hunters)
June 2019
Exhibition project “Pflanzen im Weltraum” (Plants in Space)
June 2019
New gibbon “Yuna”
May 2019
Sing-along concert
April 2019
Ambassadors of spring
March 2019
botanika goes space
August 2018
Peace Buddha for Europe
August 2017
The gibbons have arrived
September 2016
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Press images

Fête des Fleurs
Phil Porter invites you to a dance with nature on 22nd April 2023
Photo: Phil Porter
[Translate to EN:] Fête des Fleurs in der botanika
BKO concert in the Himalayas
Spring concert on 2nd April 2023
Photo: botanika Bremen
Hallo Langohr (Hello, bunny!)
Special exhibition 18th March to 1st May 2023
Photo: botanika
Azalea flowers
Spring in bloom with azaleas (18th March to 1st May 2023)
Photo: botanika Bremen
Pinkfarbene Azaleenblüte
Chinese New Year
botanika celebrates Chinese New Year
Photo: botanika
Diwali – Hindu festival of light
Light wreaths for the Hindu festival of light
Photo: botanika Bremen
Lichterkranz im Rahmen des Diwalifestes in der botanika
Titan arum blooms for the first time in Bremen
Largest inflorescence in the plant kingdom – 19th June 2022
Photo: botanika Bremen
[Translate to EN:] Blütenstand der Bremer Titanenwurz in voller Blüte
17 Ziele im Quadrat (17 goals squared)
Special exhibition on UN Sustainable Development Goals (26th February to 31st March 2022)
Photo: botanika Bremen
Exponat der Sonderausstellung zu den UN-Nachhaltigkeitszielen
Tropical butterflies
The butterflies are flying free again (since September 2021)
Photo: botanika Bremen
Schmetterling (Danaus gilippus) auf einer Blüte
The new Tropical Greenhouse
Rainforest sensations and butterflies (since September 2021)
Photo: botanika Bremen
Das Tropenhaus in der botanika
Emerald swallowtail
Tropical butterflies (emerald swallowtail)
Photo: botanika Bremen
Nahaufnahme eines Neon-Schwalbenschwanzes
Coffeehouse concert
Concert of the Bremer Kaffeehaus-Orchester (BKO) on 27th March 2022
Photo: BKO / botanika Bremen
Das BKO Orchester bei einer Veranstaltung in der botanika
Japanese Garden
Zen garden in botanika with azaleas in bloom
Photo: Marcus Meyer
Kinder im japanischen Garten der botanika
Winterlichter (Winter lights) – Borneo
Special exhibition from 1st November 2020 to 9th January 2021
Photo: botanika Bremen
Peace Buddha for Europe
Donated by the Dalai Lama (portrait version)
Photo: Frank Brüning
Der Friedens-Buddha für Europa in der botanika
White-handed gibbons
Wild botanika
Photo: Urs Siedentopf
Gibbon Jupp in der botanika
Pflanzen im Weltraum (Plants in Space)
New permanent exhibition (since June 2019)
Photo: botanika Bremen
Exponate im Entdeckerzentrum der botanika
botanika Bremen
View of the Himalayas greenhouse
Photo: Marcus Meyer
Besucherin an den Gebetsmühlen in der botanika
Yuna, white-handed gibbon
New gibbon (arrived 2018, press release in spring 2019)
Photo: Urs Siedentopf
Gibbon im Affengehege der botanika
Nirvana Buddha
Largest reclining Buddha cast in bronze outside of Asia
Photo: botanika Bremen / Frank Brüning
Liegende Buddha-Statue in der botanika
Cloud forest
In Borneo (portrait version)
Photo: botanika Bremen
Meterhohe Pflanzen in den Gewächshauswelten der botanika
Chinese tea pavilion
In the Himalayas
Photo: botanika Bremen / Rike Oehlerking
Chinesischer Teepavillon in der botanika
Discovery Centre: Exhibit:
Researching plant phenomena is fun!
Photo: Elisa Meyer
Kinder im Entdeckerzentrum der botanika
Discovery Centre II
Discover biodiversity at the biodiversity table
Photo: Elisa Meyer
Familie schaut sich ein Ausstellungsexponat in der botanika an
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