Bremen rhododendron COLLECTION

It is too cold for some, too dry for others and others still miss the harsh climate of the high mountain ranges. Our geographical location does not satisfy the varied needs of many species from the Far East, which is why we have created greenhouses with glass and membrane roofs where they can be displayed and admired. The focus here is on rhododendrons and azaleas: experience the green facets of thrilling exoticism at botanika. The collection here in Bremen can look back on more than 85 years of travel, discovery and horticultural care. What makes it so special? The shear scope. Taken together with the Rhododendron-Park, there are 650 species and 3,500 varieties – making it the largest rhododendron collection in the whole world! Diverse, living and constantly growing.

Further information on the Rhododendron-Park can be found on the Stiftung Bremer Rhododendronpark website.​​​​​​​

Rhododendronblüte Vladimir Bukowsky

Exotic beauty

[Translate to EN:] Rhododendron loranthiflorum
[Translate to EN:] Rhododendron loranthiflorum


Vireya rhododendrons

Indonesia, Borneo or Papua New Guinea. As wonderfully exotic as these names sound, the respective worlds of the rhododendrons are just as diverse – especially that of the vireyas. From delicate to intensely coloured and even located high up in the trees: allow yourself to be enchanted by the amazing exuberance of these tropical cousins of the heather family in our collection.

[Translate to EN:] Azaneenblüte
[Translate to EN:] Azaneenblüte


Extensive azalea collection

Azaleas? They are the cultivated descendants of Rhododendron simsii. The azalea collection was founded in 1980. 120 cultivars, including very old ones, moved from the earlier “Azalea Museum” to botanika in 2003. Today, we have around 500 different varieties in cultivation here. As part of our efforts, we make the azalea varieties we have cultivated and preserved available to cultivators as a living gene bank, thus fulfilling an important function for the preservation of diversity in a special segment. Visitors can experience how azaleas enchant with their colourful splendour every year starting in early February, which is when our Japanese Garden transforms into a radiant sea of flowers for a few weeks. In March and April, we also host our special exhibition “Farbenpracht der Azaleen” (The  colourful splendour of azaleas). You won’t want to miss it!