A diverse range of events!

Let yourself be inspired by our verdant backdrop and present your new products in the lush surroundings of our Asian landscapes. Celebrate an unforgettable day with your partner and all your loved ones and say I do among a kaleidoscope of tropical butterflies or surrounded by bamboo or azaleas. Wrap up conferences and talks with a relaxed get-together in our spacious glass foyer or get creative in a small working team or club group at a workshop with stunning views of the Rhododendron-Park. Book botanika as an extraordinary photoshoot location or invite your business contacts to an exclusive evening opening of botanika. The first-class service team of the Bloom restaurant will be happy to take care of all your refreshments requirements and put together the perfect offer for you from a sparkling wine reception to finger foods and delicious canapés up to a buffet or multi-course menu.

Konferenzteilnehmende in der botanika


For the perfect setting

A reception with a backdrop of tropical greenery? A green meeting with views of the park? Inspiring chats during breaks in the company of mynas, gibbons and other animals? botanika offers a wide range of possibilities for making your event truly unforgettable. And you can count on the full support of our team. Feel free to ask us for more information on the equipment and technology available or about ideas for supplementary activities. We look forward to hosting you and your unique event at botanika.

Feierlich dekorierte Banketttische für eine Hochzeitsfeier im Glasfoyer der botanika

Private celebrations

Because your celebration is something special

Where else can you welcome your guests in a green setting all year round with a backdrop of exotic flora included? botanika offers rooms for unforgettable celebrations with 12 to 120 guests. Foyer, conservatory, gallery – which atmosphere would be perfect for your event? We can discover that together. If you didn’t already know: you can also organise catering directly on site in cooperation with the neighbouring Bloom restaurant.

Hochzeitspaar in der botanika


A moving experience

Our Asian greenhouses offer an extraordinary backdrop for your civil wedding ceremony and a day full of memories to cherish.

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Kinder beobachten Koifische am Becken

Children’s birthday parties

An unforgettable day

Celebrations among the greenery and flowers: botanika takes children on a journey to the foreign climes of Asia, where they can experience a special birthday party with their friends.

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Koch bereitet für eine Geburtstagsfeier in der botanika das Essen vor


Flexible rooms. Optimal eqipment

Are you planning a conference or a private celebration? We have welcoming rooms available throughout botanika which are perfect for a wide range of events.

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Männliches Model posiert für ein Shooting in der botanika


Where the backdrop inspires your creativity

A fashion show for the perfect summer outfit, advertisements for natural products, photoshoots for private individuals and celebrities – with its wealth of flora and fauna, botanika offers a wide range of different settings for all briefs. The photos and videos shot against this backdrop are as creative as nature itself. botanika offers Asian landscapes, cultural objects, tropical butterflies and plenty more. The best approach is for you to drop by prior to the photoshoot to get some ideas.


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