Plant Variety – Ingenious and Full of Tricks

Wander through a sweet-smelling meadow or try out what flies feel like in a carnivorous plant... Experience the world of plants and their animal allies from unusual perspectives.

You Have Never Experienced Plants this Way!

Plants achieve enormous feats: transporting water to up to 100 metres above ground – without muscles? Plants can do it. With elegant tricks plants provide for offspring and attract and entice by every trick in the book. Vying for light, water and nutrition thus makes them amazingly inventive!

Wonderful Variety: Touching and Significant

Discover with us the beauty of plants in detail: taste for yourself how “green” mechanisms function. Listen to the story of how Goethe sought the kick in coffee or follow an interview with scientists. In the wild herb kitchen discover which plants are really tasty – some plants are even pure medicine. But careful! Not every herb is suitable for consumption. Some of them, after all, are “false friends”.