Variety Makes Us Unique

Researching amazing plant phenomena, discovering world cultures or even getting married? You can experience the botanika in many ways – exciting, sensual and fascinating.

For sure, you have already been in the greenery elsewhere. But we only perceive many small wonders of the pleasant, quiet world of trees, shrubs or grasses marginally or not at all. However, this world has a lot to tell! In the discovery centre, the botanika focuses on these gifts of nature: the permanent exhibition gives particular insights into the plant kingdom – from full of tricks to ingenious!

Let yourself be enchanted in our “rich in variety” too: discover the colourfulness of Asian rhododendrons and azaleas in our three large glasshouse worlds. Stroll through the mountain world of the Himalayas. Or make contact with gentle, exotic fishes. Sensual pleasures that linger in the memory.

Botanical Collection

By the way, the botanika and the surrounding Rhododendron Park house and show the second-largest rhododendron collection in the world: 600 wild species and 3,000 breeds thrive here. Only the collection of Windsor Great Park, England, is more extensive.