Always Different

Regular special exhibitions ring the changes: chicks, rabbits, terrifying Halloween-figures and the tropical butterflies are among our annual crowd favourites.

Here spring is marked by the blooming of the azaleas: from the beginning of February parts of the botanika turn into a brilliant sea of colours. Each year, we combine the prime flowering seasons of these small rhododendron shrubs with an exhibition, which we always redesign anew from new perspectives.

During Easter time a multitude of different rabbit breeds awaits you here. Another Easter highlight is the hatching of the chicks. And with the beginning of the summer the motto is then: welcome to the realm of the tropical butterflies! Up into February of the new year, let hundreds of fluttering butterflies swirl around you.

The third season in the botanika is introduced by ”herb witches”, mushrooms and all sorts of mythical beings: for two weeks we offer an exciting programme around our autumn exhibition. Don’t be afraid to come along ...

And then in winter, when darkness falls earlier and earlier, we offer a particularly beautiful spectacle: from November to January our greenhouses will be artfully illuminated and “luminous figures” come to life in these projections.