Supporters wanted!

The botanika is providing a home for four white-handed gibbons! New compounds are needed in order to accommodate them in an ideal way. We are now looking for sponsors so we can build these compounds and we are asking for your assistance!

The gibbons come from an institution in Bremen that was about to be closed down. The small apes are ambassadors for species protection and thus for a subject that plays a central role in the botanika. White-handed gibbons occur, among other places, in southern China (Yunnan) as well as in Myanmar – both regions are already part of the botanika exhibition. The primates are also a symbol of preserving the forests in southern Asia. Since as fruit eaters they contribute to spreading rain-forest plants: the apes eat the fruit from the trees and let their seeds fall elsewhere.

Because of the gibbons’ special needs it is not easily feasible to integrate them into the botanika’s existing glasshouses. Thus new compounds are needed providing both an outside area as well as a retreat for the animals. The compounds should fully meet the requirements for keeping white-handed gibbons. After previous intense examinations and preliminary talks it is planned to create such facilities in outdoor areas behind the botanika. 

In order to take account of animal protection aspects, we are also currently in close discussions with various institutions – including the Bremen animal welfare and veterinary service. All organisations consulted have advocated taking in the gibbons in the botanika.

We kindly ask for your support!

If you wish to support us in financing the necessary compounds, you can transfer a contribution of your choosing to the account IBAN DE32 2905 0101 0001 7262 56 at the Sparkasse Bremen under the keyword “Gibbon”. We will be pleased to provide a confirmation of the donation on request. 

Donations for the gibbons

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