Choice Selections and Essentials from Bremen and the Natural World

Honey from the flowers of the Bremen Rhododendron-Park, fair-trade coffee, delicious fruit brandy and organic liqueurs “made in Bremen”, high-quality natural cosmetics, jewellery or “intelligent plasticine“ – there is something to suit everyone’s taste: browse in our shop to your heart’s content! Besides particular specialities from Bremen and the region you will find beautiful selected articles around the themes of nature and culture – as souvenir gifts or to keep for yourself.  

You are still looking for a toy present for the children’s birthday? How about a carving tool for children, fine bonbons from Bremen or a book? In our shop you will find what you need. Or give an outing to the botanika as a gift. All tickets are available in the shop.

Here adults will find beautiful garden utensils or stationary as well as specialist literature or nature guides. The same applies to our coffee and tea specialities from Bremen and the surrounding regions – fair trade and full of tradition. Our range of high-quality Primavera nature cosmetics is particularly popular.

Missed a date? You can even buy any of our beautiful gift ideas at the weekends: we look forward to seeing you on Sundays and public holidays too!

By the way: we are constantly adapting our range to the respective season and we extend and update it regularly. So we’re worth a visit any time of the year. Let us surprise you!