Botanical Superlative

With its unique variety, the Bremen Rhododendron Park is always worth a visit: the overall 46-hectare facility is one of the most well worth seeing parks in Germany. Stroll here through one of the biggest and most beautiful rhododendron collections in the world. Nowhere else are these botanical treasures so varied and presented in one place. The Bremen collection holds almost 600 wild species and more than 3 000 varieties – among them also tropical and subtropical rhododendrons that are not hardy enough to survive the winter here, as well as the “Indian azaleas”, which thrive underneath the protection of the botanika roof.


Experience the Bremen Rhododendron Park in spring in a true blaze of colours. But also during the rest of the year, an impressive variety of evergreen rhododendrons is worth a visit. Various theme gardens for example present large-leafed wild forms from various continents. Discover, for instance, more than 900 more modern and historical varieties in the species garden and get to know very up-to-date varieties in the novelty garden.

Some Like It Warm

The frost-sensitive rhododendrons and azaleas which can be marvelled at in the glasshouse worlds of the botanika complete the collection in Bremen: the tropical Vireya rhododendrons fascinate all year round with precious colours and the shapes of their extraordinary flowers. The “Indian Azaleas” collection here in Bremen is even one of the most comprehensive in all of central Europe. From February to April, they turn the botanika into a pastel-coloured sea of flowers.

The Bremer Rhododendronpark Foundation is responsible for the maintenance and development of the park premises. Information on the work of the foundation and more material on the Rhododendron Park is available on the Bremer Rhododendron Park Foundation’s internet page.