Flowering Beauty Under One Roof

Around 300 rhododendron species in the Bremen collection are not hardy enough to survive our winters, among them also the extraordinary Vireya rhododendrons, rich in shapes and colours. For this reason, these delicate plants of the precious collection are not shown outside but inside the botanika. In the protected Asiatic glasshouse worlds, they unfold all their splendour: their wonderful scent and somewhat lily-like flowers present an aspect of rhododendron variety that is unique in central Europe. 

Exotic Rhododendron Worlds

Tree-like, with large leaves as in the cool low-lying areas of the Himalayas or more fragile species from the warmth of southern China or Vietnam: many rare plants thrive underneath the botanika roof. The Japanese Garden, for example, impresses through a particular variety of azaleas. Most of these breeds derive from the Rhododendron simsii species, which originally comes from China. In the spring, these small bushes turn the Japanese Garden into a blazing sea of colours.