Corpse flower

The inflorescence of our newest titan arum (Amorphophallus titanum) opened on 19 June 2022. Follow along on this site via webcam-images!

The blooming event lasts only two to three days: In the course of an afternoon, a velvety red bract (spathe) opens, covering the large spadix like a skirt. Hundreds of small flowers cover the base of the spadix. The entire inflorescence can grow over three metres high!

After one or two days, the spathe closes again. The inflorescence begins to wilt and slowly collapses. When the flowers have been pollinated and fruits have developed, the plant often dies. If not, it forms one leaf after the other in the following years. After a few years, with a bit of luck, a new inflorescence will appear.


11 June 20221.30 m
12 June 20221.42 m
13 June 20221.60 m
14 June 20221.65 m
15 June 20221.80 m
16 June 20221.93 m
17 June 20222.00 m
18 June 20222,06 m
19 June 20222,10 m