Variety Catches On

Excitement For All Ages

You are looking for a beautiful destination for your school’s or your class’s annual outing – regardless of the weather, varied and suitable for all ages? In the three large Asiatic glasshouse worlds and in the new discovery centre you and your students will experience a multifaceted day – from the first class to the final year. Whether as part of the Green School or on your own initiative: you can design your day in the botanika as you wish.

The New Discovery Centre

Why are plants green? What is the lotus effect? And why is biological variety so important? From the basic knowledge about plants, their clever strategies for propagation to bionics or biopirating: in the discovery centre, the multitude of tricks they employ to ensure their survival is clearly presented. At many interactive stations your students can research for themselves how ingeniously plants function. 

Which Way to the Himalayas?

What is a zen garden for? Where is Borneo, really? And what blooms in the Himalayas? In our glasshouse worlds we embark on an Asian expedition. We start near the glittering koi carp in the Japanese garden. By winding paths through lush greenery we experience plant variety really up close. On our way into the mountain world of the Himalayas you will pass many original exhibits – for example prayer wheels or an impressive Buddha as well as a genuine waterfall.

Big Break in the Park

Two large playgrounds in the surrounding Rhododendron Park provide place and opportunity for play, picnic, resting or running riot. 

The Green School

Discover and explore for yourself independently! This is the motto of our Green School programme. We teach biological-ecological subjects in special research modules. In the process the children get to the bottom of exciting natural-science phenomena. Independently you can also book guided tours for inside or outside the botanical gardens.