Garden Art and Koi

Your journey starts in the Japanese Garden. Through its very special magic immerse yourself in the right mood for the most varied Asiatic landscapes: framed by azaleas and giant bamboo species, the carefully raked stone garden emanates the tranquillity and beauty of a Far Eastern Zen garden.

For a couple of weeks from the beginning of February, the Japanese Garden transforms itself into a brilliant sea of colours. Then the azaleas bloom in multifaceted colours and the large camellias show off their most beautiful flowering aspects.

Colourfully glittering koi carp swim in a pool. In their home country these special carp are considered as status symbol. In addition they are known for their very trusting nature. Many of them grow even up to 80 years old. Twice daily, at 11.30 a.m. and 3 p.m., you can help feed the koi.

But do koi actually have teeth? And what do the elements of a Zen landscape mean? Search for clues here.