The Culture of Asiatic Mountain Regions

On your way through the rocky mountain landscape of the Himalayas, right in the middle of the plants, discover many original Asian exhibits – such as prayer wheels or our impressive Buddha.

Exactly four metres above the lying statue, a protective cave has been set into the rocks. It houses special blessing and protective stones. The number four, by the way, plays an important role in the Buddhist teaching and has great symbolic power – for example that of the four states of the heart: love, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity.

Pass by a genuine waterfall on a rocky plateau and marvel at the incomparable view into a unique plant world. Enjoy in the Chinese tea pavilion the peaceful atmosphere with a cup of tasty tea, before you go further on a journey of discovery.

And: which camellia is in your kitchen cupboard? And what does the lying position of the Buddha mean? Here you will find out!