4,000 Square Metres of Variety

Almost half of the ca. 600 wild rhododendron species in the Bremen collection are not hardy enough for our winters. So these plants can be found underneath the protective roof of the botanika. The combination of an entertaining exhibition and garden presentation in the display glass houses makes it possible to experience the significance of this plant variety.
From the Himalayas the path leads down into the valley. Large-leafed, tree-like rhododendron species from the lower slopes of these mountains can be found here, just as well as species from the warm regions of Vietnam and southern China, which with their lily-shaped flowers do not look like rhododendrons at all. Then embark on an expedition through Yunnan, Burma and New Guinea – through strange worlds in which there is a lot to discover: encounter, for example, original exhibits such as the sacred poles of the early Asiatic peoples, pause in front of prayer wheels or take a rest in a Chinese tea pavilion. Or, to bring good luck, stroke the belly of the biggest lying Buddha statue outside of Asia. 
Climb Mount Kinabalu in Borneo too: and from there, in the palm house, enjoy the incomparable view over the biggest collection of Vireya rhododendrons in Central Europe!