Deep Greenery, Lush Variety

Walk through landscapes modelled on the highest mountain in Malaysia – Mount Kinabalu on the island of Borneo. Along narrow paths, flanked by deep greenery, discover tropical plant treasures: Rhododendron taxifolium, probably by now extinct in nature, still flowers in the Botanika. Through an exchange with botanical gardens worldwide, we also ensure its survival.

In other ways as well, Mount Kinabalu here in Bremen provides an enormous variety colour: besides superabundant primeval tree ferns and lush orchids, rare Vireya rhododendrons grow there too, showing themselves in their most beautiful colours. Observe how the vegetation changes on the way up to the mountain summit. And discover plants that grow on trees and feed on them.

On your way up, drop by on our two feathered inhabitants, our hill mynas,  for a short chat!